Abbott Fear

Whatever Abbott’s BIR speech was, it wasn’t the Gettysburg Address that the pundits are saying it was.

The whole thing was stage-managed from the start.

From the adoring fans in the gallery, to the heartfelt, earnest looks into the camera, it was a put-up job.

You can always tell when Abbott is nervous. His voice goes up an octave. There it was on Thursday, shrill and feathery, almost boyish, as revealing as his new hairdo, the disappeared wrinkles, and the smarmy photos of him and Margie, looking like they’ve long forgotten how to embrace each other.

Very American.

He only talks to captive audiences, bussed-in from the nearest Liberal enclave.

Murdoch – Randolph Hearst to Abbott’s Marion Davies – gives him free publicity, adoring reviews in rags like the Daily Telegraph, phoney gravitas in The Australian, and use of the high tech Foxtel studio space for speeches about the NBN…

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