It is what it is

“Sometimes bad things happen”
– By Darin Sullivan

It was a moment of clarity in politics this morning when Tony Abbott made the clunker of all clunkers, and the media missed it entirely.

He was being interviewed alongside Warren Truss, and was asked about asylum seekers. He spewed the usual venom about ‘turning back the boats’ and how bad the Government’s policy was, but then he digressed. Being pushed about his own proposed asylum seeker policy, he went on to say (effectively) that:

Sometimes when policing and implementing difficult polices, “bad things happen”. That it’s kinda like the police, who in the course of their daily duties, while trying to do the right thing, have bad things happen. “It’s not the police’s fault, it’s the criminals fault”, he said.

He related that to his own proposed policy, if bad things happen when we turn back the boats, then…

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