For the past 24 hours, my Facebook newsfeed has been predominantly filled with just two things:

1) People sharing those cutesy automated “Look Back” videos that Facebook made for most of its users to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary

2) People complaining that they hate their Look Back

Don’t like yours? Too many pictures of your ex? Don’t sweat it too much. Facebook is working on an edit tool, we’ve learned.

Update: Looks like we were right! 2 days later, this feature is now live

I’d heard from a source just after the Look Back videos started rolling out that there was supposed to have been an edit tool built in — apparently, it just wasn’t ready to go in time for Facebook’s anniversary. The tool would allow you to pick alternative photos/clips if you weren’t into the ones that Facebook’s Emotion Bot 4000* picked for you.

[* I might…

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