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larry pickering

I am ashamed.  I am ashamed of the appalling treatment handed out to our first female Prime Minister.  I am ashamed of the inhumane treatment of traumatised people seeking sanctuary in our country.  This is not the Australia I know or understand.  This is not how the people I know think or behave.  So where is this hatred coming from?

In a recent article, I pointed out the part Larry Pickering played in the harassment of Julia Gillard, bombarding politicians with hate filled emails about her accompanied by tasteless cartoons, and how it had been allowed to continue uncensured.  Apparently his talent at drawing cartoons showing politicians’ penises makes him a formidable man to take on.  After all, it’s better to pull your head in and say nothing than to have him draw you with a turtle dick.

Surprisingly, Pickering has some reach online with his facebook page and blog…

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