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“Given the raising of the Qantas axe, I think it would be a good time to revive Senator Xenophon’s speech from Aug 2011”, suggests AIMN reader Glenn G. And given the public’s anger at its apparent financial demise and the blame laid at its Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce, it is perhaps time to raise again the question Xenophon asked, “Why would management want Qantas to look unprofitable?” It is a probing question. ” . . . the sad reality” says Xenophon, “is that Qantas is being deliberately trashed by management in the pursuit of short-term profits . . . ”

But again, why?

Xenophon nails this in his speech.

Thanks again to Glenn G, here is the transcript of Xenophon’s speech:

Senator Xenophon Speech in Parliament – Hansard 23 Aug 2011 Senator XENOPHON (South Australia) (19:37)

I rise to speak tonight on an issue that…

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