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Politically Correctness! It stops us saying what we really want to say. As John Howard said all those years ago, even though he didn’t agree with Pauline Hanson, it was refreshing that now people felt able to express themselves without being stifled by political correctness. Of course, a pedant may have pointed out that she lost Liberal endorsement for doing just that. However…

Free speech. We’re looking at outlawing people advocating boycotts, but apparently making racist comments is just exercising one’s rights.

Free speech is a wonderful thing. I’m looking forward to the removal of the restrictions of 18C so I can say that Andrew Bolt is just being true to his Aryan roots, but I suspect he’ll stick to his claim that he’s indigenous. But that’s not why I’m writing at the moment.

I had this great analogy suddenly occur to me about the way in which Australia approaches…

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