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It’s funny how delicious recipes sometimes stem from what you already have at hand. I had about a pound of cilantro that I snagged from the leftovers at school and some crab that I was originally going to make sushi out of, until I decided I didn’t want to eat carbs past 7pm (might be some crazy diet myth that I’m following, but cupcakes during the day are ok) anyway so with those two ingredients in mind I came across a great recipe for crab cakes and a lemon cilantro sauce. I’m trying to eat a little healthier so this lemon cilantro sauce was a great alternative to a heavy aioli or tartar sauce that usually accompanies crab cakes. It has just the right amount of tanginess and spice to make these cakes light and refreshing.

{For the sauce: Mix all ingredients in a food processor or blender}

{hey this…

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