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The Mexican Night at the local RSL Bistro is over, the meal consumed, the sangria imbibed, and we didn’t win the dessert surprise in the dinner competition. Having successfully avoided the poker machines, obviously put off by all the “gamble with care” pamphlets tucked away in corners and that miniscule sign on the pokey machine room door reminding everyone of the dangers inherent in taking a punt with a one in a million chance of winning, am now back at home wondering.  Wondering about what, where or why is the question.

Why do I avoid a poker machine and yet drop by the newsagent to buy a Lotto ticket for the chance to win something at odds far, far worse (one in a billion) than those cursed pokeys? Or, why is it that in every crowd doing whatever the crowd is about, there is always at least one idiot?  That’s…

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