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Dave Fosson's "ManCamp" cabin in the woods is 16' by 24' and has a sleeping loft. |

Where we are, the morning air is crisp, there is a thick layer of leaves underfoot, and the days are getting short. On cold rainy days, we’d like nothing better than to stay inside by a warm fire, sheltered by a cozy cabin. Reader Dave Fosson and his son Nic also dreamed of having a cabin:

I was recently asked where we found our cabin plans. The simple answer: we didn’t have any plans, we only had our dreams. It’s been about 3 years since Nic and I visited this site and stepped off what we thought would be a good cabin floor plan. I was thinking 16’x16′ but Nic was adamant that this would be too small. As we increased the size by placing sticks at each corner, now satisfied, Nic began sharing his ‘must have’ cabin list; 1) a manly fireplace; 2) a sleeping loft; 3) skylights; 4)…

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