I am so very glad to hear that Rosie Batty has been nominated Australian of the Year for her work on raising awareness of violence in our community, and I offer her my sincerest congratulations.

In my work as a psychoanalyst, I am familiar with the psychodynamics of violence and, for this reason, I recognise it around me all the time, even when others may not do so.

I see it in the classroom, in the workplace, in families, in government, in the judicial process, in the church, in prisons, in detention centres, in the streets.

Violence does not manifest itself only in war zones. And it need not be physical – it can be far more subtle.

One of the most pervasive form of violence is the violence described as “gaslighting” which was at the heart of the film “Gaslight” an American 1944 mystery-thriller film adapted from Patrick Hamilton’s…

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