The federal government’s new anti-radicalisation kit for schools, “Living Safer Together”, has already made waves for featuring the harrowing story of Karen, a young woman who “grew up in a loving family who never participated in activism of any sort”, but at university “became involved in the alternative music scene” – and worse.

Now, in an exclusive interview, Karen has opened up to The (un)Australian about how a girl who “grew up in a safe, mainstream suburban household that only ever played KIISS FM on the radio” ended up seeking to destroy modern civilisation.

“All I had ever listened to was Taylor Swift,” Karen says, “and maybe a little Beyonce, like I just tried it once or twice, not regularly or anything.”

“Then this guy in my Sociology 101 class came up to me and was like ‘you wanna hear this great Mp3 I got?’ And it was like this…

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