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Malcolm Thomas “Mal” Brough was born 29 December 1961 in Brisbane, Queensland to Keith and Mary Brough. [1]

Keith Brough MBE was struck down by polio at the age of four spending the next four years fighting for is life in hospital. “While others may have felt sorry for themselves and been deterred from achieving, dad has never once bemoaned his condition nor looked upon it as a disability. In fact, he has always been thankful. He has been thankful for how lucky he is and he has undertaken a lifetime of service to those who are less fortunate.”  [2]

Mal’s mother, Mary nee Waldron, is the daughter of Tom and Violet Bowden now living in an aged care facility in Alice Springs. They have been married for 74 years. Violet, one of nine children, never got to know her father but has told the story of a birthday…

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