South Africa News

The BBC wrote a report asking: “Do white people have a future in South Africa?”

Working-class white people, most of them Afrikaans-speakers, are going through an intense crisis. But you will not read about it in the newspapers or see it reported on television…

Do white people have a future in South Africa? BBC World Affairs Editor John Simpson examines the challenges facing white South Africans.

The report generally takes a liberal ‘all whites are complicit in South Africa’s misery’ tack, and sandwiches various incontrovertible facts about whites in South Africa between such language.

With those bits excised, we get:

  • The people who are suffering now are the weakest and most vulnerable members of the white community.
  • Ernst Roets, a leading Afrikaans campaigner from the AfriForum organisation, took me to a squatter camp outside the country’s capital, Pretoria. A white squatter camp.
  • It has been set up on the property of a sympathetic white farmer and is called, optimistically…

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