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NaughtySenateElvesElection Christmas comes but once every three years. And this year, thanks to some naughty little Senate Elves who wouldn’t do what Santa Turnbull wanted, Election Christmas has come early!!


For a brief – but extremely long – two month period, the fine Citizens of Australia no longer have to worry about the age of entitlement being over, or pulling in our belts so that we can live within our means….Because suddenly, there’s plenty of money to go around…

It’s boat building jobs for you!!!

Free dentist visits for you!!!

And if you live in a marginal seat, you might just get a whole new hospital wing or some new roads…But only if you vote the way Santa Turnbull wants you to of course. If you don’t, you’ll go onto the naughty list, have all your gifts taken away and be shut out in the cold with those naughty Senate…

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